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  • admin - Sunday 30 June 2013 19:57
    The artist who created this portrait of great grandad Alfred is actually William Spilsbury. Picton House in Bristol still exists and is a grade II listed building, built in 1830.
    (thanks again to Susan Wadbrook and especially Hilda Wadbrook for showing me and allowing to scan Great Grandad's picture).
  • admin - Sunday 30 June 2013 19:52
    Thanks to help from my sister Susan Wooden, my cousin Susan Wadbrook, and my Great Granddad Alfred!
    b. 1845 d. 1887 and had six children.
  • showman - Thursday 17 January 2013 08:15
    Imagery from this book (I had as a child) inspired Dad in the 'ducks' space scene (in this album).